Your Independent Escrow

About Us

 American Independent Escrow, Inc. is a truly 'independent' escrow company governed by the California Department of Business Oversight (formerly Dept. of Corporations, DOC)  License No. 963 2577.  which originally commenced escrow operations in 1992 as a Broker-owned escrow.  We have been independent since July 1, 2009, and provide escrow service for many real estate and lending companies in southern California.   See the "services" tab for information about our various offerings.


The purpose of  an 'escrow' is to entrust to an impartial third party those funds and documents which each party must hand to the other party at the close of escrow.  This third party professional is trusted to perform the acts needed to properly and safely make that final exchange and close the transaction accurately. 

California escrow law requires that we:

  • Follow our clients instructions to the letter throughout the transaction,
  • Complete the closing on time, or in a timely manner as directed by clients,
  • Handle and account for all entrusted funds, and all documents strictly per client instructions,
  • Ensure that all funds clear and are "good funds" prior to closing.

As dedicated escrow professionals, we take this trust seriously and are proud of the 100% record we maintain.


                  We offer over 82 years combined escrow experience !