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Welcome to American Independent Escrow

Escrow companies are as reliable as their foundation. Our team carries with us a history of real estate, law, escrow and title experience.  As with bridging any important transaction, it is important to know that the structure is sound and you will make it safely across with ease.

As your escrow company, we assist both buyer and seller toward the completion of the transaction process  Our process is as a neutral and unbiased third party to assist you through your property sales seamless and worry-free. It is imperative to choose an escrow company founded on solid principles, grounded in California real estate law and have the three cornerstones to secure your confidence throughout your transaction experience: Neutrality, Security, and Experience. 

American Independent Escrow, Inc. is Your Independent Escrow and serves the escrow needs of many southern California real estate offices, lenders and real estate investors.  We are experts in standard residential and commercial sale escrows, as well as short sale escrows and REO escrows. We cooperate in IRC Sec. 1031 exchanges, but do not act as “accommodator”.   We are well-versed in Land-Sale Contracts, All-Inclusive Trust Deed (AITD) escrows, and taking loans “subject-to” the existing financing,  and fully expect to see those pick up in the next few years.  We are fully insured and bonded pursuant to California Department of Business Oversight requirements.